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Parallel Lines


Often, we feel that we are alone in whatever we are going through. This page, comprised of anonymous accounts of individuals mental health journeys, serve to challenge that. While no one goes through the exact same experience, mental health is an all-too-common struggle in the education system. These testimonials are also an expression of the change that needs to happen in the education system- people with mental health issues are being let down and hurt, and that should not and cannot continue. 

"Unfortunately, school has had an overwhelmingly negative effect on my mental health. The sheer amount of work and pressure to succeed has taken a large toll on me. I am often left with no time to care for myself and I struggle to meet the expectations both I and my teachers have for me. I have been lucky to make friends who have reduced the burden of school and I am grateful that we are able to face each day of classes together. My greatest suggestion to teachers and administrators would be to work with each other. Teachers need to communicate to ensure that they are not overloading students with work all at the same time. Not only will students be less overwhelmed, but they will be able to adequately attend to each assignment and thereby gain the most knowledge."

"I find that mental health facilities at [my school] are above and beyond WHEN COMPARED to the greater education system. The actual grade of help is not very high. Sure we have councilors and advisors and people students can talk to but they don't find out students who may be struggling from problems, there isn't enough awareness! This is not just with teachers, councilors, and advisors but with the greater student body as well. Students are not educated enough to assist their friends who (lets be real) will go to first before faculty who are trained to help. This is because people run to who they are the most comfortable sharing with. Students who are mentally struggling don't have the self confidence or trust with people who they have never interacted with. Overall the student body needs to have training and understanding of how people work. It's something that people don't know because they have never had to know. In conclusion, students need to be more aware of how to help their peers because they will come to them before they go to a trained professional."

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